Back. Sort of.

So the other morning at breakfast I was telling my kids a story about a D&D session from way back in the day. My daughter asked, “Why don’t we play that anymore?”

I went into the usual blah blah blah about not enough time and how her brother didn’t seem to like it as much and how our plans for a regular group fell through and so on. It all made perfect sense and was totally correct.

Then she said, “But you have so many great stories about your old adventures. I wish we had some great stories like that from our games.”

How do you say “no” to that? I mean, seriously?

So we’re going to dust off the books and get back at it. A little, anyway. Probably a very unorganized and loose campaign. Maybe not even a real “campaign” in the typical sense. We’ll have to see. At this point the key is to get back to playing regularly. We’re going to stick with 1e AD&D. PHB, DMG, and MM only.

I’ve been pretty much out of touch with the blogs and boards since spring. I’ll be trying to get back into the swing a bit and will probably do a little posting here. We’ll see.

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