Avalon Hill’s UFO

A friend came across this from his younger days and knew I’d be interested in checking it out:

UFO by Avalon Hill (1978)

UFO by Avalon Hill (1978)

It’s a simple game of earth versus flying saucer invaders. Very, very simple. Almost crude. Basic and Advanced rules take up only two sides of a sheet.

Board and Pieces for UFO by Avalon Hill (1978)

Board and Pieces for UFO by Avalon Hill (1978)

It’s apparently uplayed. Except for a couple of counters which fell out over the past three decades, it’s unpunched. (I put them back into place for the photo.)

The five dice in the bag DO NOT belong to this game, as I discovered after I snapped the photos. It uses two standard six-sided dice, which were also in the box. I’m not sure what these dice are for; there were a couple of other games in the lot he brought me to look at, so maybe they belong to one of those.

As I said, the game is a simpleton game where one player attempts to land his flying saucers on Earth while the other player tries to stop him. Given the date of release (1978) and the tagline (“A Game of Close Encouters”) I can only assume this was run out there to take advantage of the film CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND (1977) and the interest in unidentified flying objects it created.

We’ll have to give it a couple of plays. I plan to give it a write-up when we do.

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