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The box that started it all for me

Possibly the best birthday gift I ever received. Definitely one of the most influential.

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Tuesday Treasure: Toad Cloak

Kilgore is trying to dust off the cobwebs here. He has some new content but nothing that is quite ready, so go check out the Toad Cloak iat Ancient Vaults and Eldritch Secrets. Exactly the sort of weird-but-cool item that … Continue reading

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Cheap D6s

Kilgore loves the D6. You can never have too many D6s. And while half the fun of casting fireball is the epic damage your magic-user can dish out, the other half is that the player gets to roll tons of … Continue reading

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Low Fantasy Gaming

I’ve only glanced at it but Low Fantasy Gaming appears to be a decent take on oldschool sword & sorcery using d20 OGL mechanics. Low Fantasy Gaming (“LFG”) is a tabletop roleplaying game built for sword & sorcery adventures in … Continue reading

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Hiding in Plain Sight

Saw someone on Reddit ask about a house rule where players don’t see the results of perception check rolls so that they don’t know whether or not the PCs succeeded. These types of rolls are a lot more common in … Continue reading

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The Situation is Grave

Very cool: 10 Graveyard Encounters Kilgore is going to keep this handy.

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Back to Basics

Things have been pretty quiet for a long time on Kilgore’s game front. Oh, I’ve spent time looking over rules and browsing things daydreaming about games, but actual play sessions have been few and far between. But my daughter continues … Continue reading

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Armor Class: 6 Hit Dice: 1 Move: 120′ (40′) Attacks: 1 weapon Damage: 1-6 or weapon No. Appearing: 2-8 (10-60) Save As: Ftr-1 Morale: 8 Treasure Type: D Alignment: Chaotic Orcs are ugly human-like creatures who look like a combination … Continue reading

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