Arrow of Sleeping
–Tuesday Treasure

Locklar gripped his sword, watching the as the gigantic monitor lizard stomped toward them. He glanced over at Deever. The elf was taking careful aim with his bow.

“I’m thinking quantity is better than quality with this thing,” Locklar said. “Keep shooting until you’re out of arrows. Then get that curvy knife of yours and start poking it.”

Deever smiled. “I don’t intend to have to get that close.” Then he let his arrow fly.

Locklar was not surprised when the arrow struck the rampaging lizard. He had seen Deever’s archery enough to know that the elf didn’t miss often. What happened next, however, was not at all expected.

The lizard stumbled, crashed to the ground in a cloud of dust, and lay still. Locklar could barely believe his eyes. Or his ears.

“Is that thing…snoring?”

Arrow of Sleeping

This valuable +1 magic arrow has the added ability that is will put any target it hits to sleep (save allowed) for 2d6 turns. A hit with a natural 20 does not allow the target a saving throw.

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4 Responses to Arrow of Sleeping
–Tuesday Treasure

  1. Kilgore says:

    Added in the duration which I had left out.

  2. bat says:

    Simple, yet awesome. I could use a quiver of these when I go shopping.

  3. bat says:

    Oh yeah, I can see me at Wal*Mart with these. That way I could just step over the hillbillies having family reunions in the aisles.

    I really, really hate Wal*Mart, but it is a necessary evil, sadly.

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