Antediluvian Horror’s Rampage Continues

Oh, yeah…That looks like trouble:

Assault upon Camelot

Assault upon Camelot

From today’s Hal Foster’s PRINCE VALIANT by Gianni and Schultz

I continue to follow this story. This is another great image, but it seems that the beast has shrunk a bit compared to the earlier depictions.

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3 Responses to Antediluvian Horror’s Rampage Continues

  1. bat says:

    And then, since Equinox wasn’t on last night (see the Leiber post on Beyond the Black gate) I started to watch a disaster called Komodo vs Cobra. This could be your Equinox. The Komodo Dragon was roughly the same size as in the Prince Valiant. I cannot tell you how it ended, though, I just took a Benadryl for my allergies and drifted off.

  2. Kilgore says:

    That movie looks AWESOME!

    (or not…)

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