And My Axe!

A post over on the Goblinoid Games board reminded me that I wanted to post our weapons table:

Weapon Cost Damage
Axe, Battle # 6 gp 1d8
Axe, Hand 2 gp 1d6
Bow 25 gp 1d6
Bow, Long 40 gp 1d6
Club 1 gp 1d4
Crossbow 16 gp 1d4
Crossbow, Heavy 25 gp 1d6
Dagger 3 gp 1d4
Dagger, Silver 30 gp 1d4
Dart 5 sp 1d4
Flail 3 gp 1d6
Flail, Heavy * 8 gp 1d8
Hammer 1 gp 1d4
Hammer, War # 5 gp 1d6
Javelin 1 gp 1d6
Lance 7 gp 1d6
Mace 7 gp 1d6
Morningstar # 6 gp 1d6
Pick @ 8 gp 1d6/1d8
Pole Arm * 7 gp 1d8
Sling 2 gp 1d4
Spear @ 3 gp 1d6/1d8
Staff * 2 gp 1d6
Sword 10 gp 1d8
Sword, Bastard @ 20 gp 1d8/1d10
Sword, Short 7 gp 1d6
Sword, Two-Handed * 15 gp 1d10
Trident @ 4 gp 1d4/1d6
* Two-handed weapons # Two-handed weapons, can be wielded one-handed with STR 11+ @ Can be wielded one-handed/two-handed

Nothing terribly unusual, though we’ve simplified things a bit and tweaked a few. We’ve made the pick, spear, and trident all optionally one- or two-handed like the bastard sword. And we’ve made a few weapons two-handed for those with STR of 10 or less but one-handed for characters with STR 11+.

Finally, the bow, crossbow, and sword are just that unless of a non-standard design. Meaning that normal one-handed swords are “swords,” not “long swords.” And most bows are just “bows,” with the large heavy bows “long bows.” We’re more or less treating long bows as the pole arms of bows, with (short) bows being the standard. “Sword” includes scimitars and broad swords.

We want some sort of penalty for using pole arms, long bows, and (probably) two-handed swords indoors or in close quarters, but haven’t quite figured out exactly how we’re going to do it.

If anyone’s got any critiques or suggestions, I’d be glad to hear them.

UPDATE: I’ve decided to go with d4/d6 damage for the trident wielded one/two handed and give it (and the staff) a +1 bonus when used to parry. We want to be as “realistic” as possible while also having mechanical differences. If a trident does the same damage as a spear AND gets a parry bonus, who would use a spear?

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