3d6 or 4d6?

I am planning to shift to a “roll in order” for ability scores, with the opportunity to swap two scores.

We’ve almost always played “4d6, drop lowest”, but I’m leaning toward a straight 3d6 for Labyrinth Lord from now on. I believe that the +1 modifiers for to-hit, damage, and hit points at 13 is excessive. Yes, I realize that this is how original B/X played it, but I believe it’s just too much. My conscience requires me to either adjust the ability score modifiers, probably to a +1 at 15 instead of 13, or slightly deflate ability scores.

Since the 3d6 method is by the book to begin with, going that route is preferable to me.

Over at Dungeons and Digressions, I see the sidebar poll shows a sizable lead for the “4d6, drop lowest, arrange to taste” method. This has long been my own most common rule, though I’ve varied things over the years.

What do readers do and/or prefer?

UPDATE: I also posed this question on the LL forum.

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