1d100 Normal Humans

I’m working out the details of the latest version of my retainers system, and as part of that project I want a list of ready-to-go NPCs to fill the slots. Since normal humans can be employed as retainers (B21), low-level player characters will often be approached by normal humans (no class or level) interested in becoming adventurers. Here is a sample of the sort of list I will work from.

All ability scores are 3d6 in order and hit points are 1d4. We use the “re-roll 1s and 2s on hit dice” optional rule (B6) for ALL levels if the character is an adventurer, and I have elected to permit these apprentice adventurers to benefit from this policy with the idea that only the tougher normal humans would get to the point of actually being considered for a retainer position. Note that CON bonuses and penalties apply. (#49, in particular, does not appear to be long for this world.)

As per B40’s “As soon a normal human gets experience points through an adventure, that person must choose a character class“, any normal humans that earn XP will become a 1st-level character at the end of the adventure. All of these bloody adventurers have to start somewhere.

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