1-Page Dungeon

Just fired off my entry, The Heart of Darkness, into this year’s contest.

You’ve got a couple days left: contest closes March 1, 0:00 GMT. That’s GMT, folks, so American dungeon designers do not think you’ve got until midnight Sunday night, February 28th. You’ll miss by a few hours.

The original concept I’d been thinking about for a while turned into something else completely as I started, based in part on an audiobook I was listening to at the time. It really stretches the definition of “dungeon.” As in, “um, Kilgore, do you even know what a dungeon is?” But I entered it anyway.

Last year I scored an honorable mention, so I figure I’ve used up my chances. So why not have a little fun?

I’m hesitant to post it at this time because I am going to be making use of it in a game that begins on Friday, so I’ll hold off for now.

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4 Responses to 1-Page Dungeon

  1. Timeshadows says:

    Good move.

    Keep us on the edge of our seats, and publish the results of the session. 🙂

  2. Stuart says:

    I sent in my entry as well. My group will be going through it next weekend. 🙂

    • Kilgore says:

      The plan to put a contest entry into play from the get-go is a good one. Beats something designed solely for the contest.

      I was sort of floundering with my idea until I got a focus by deciding to design it with a specific game in mind. Once I had a set purpose, it sort of fell together and is a lot better than had originally envisioned.

      Like I said in the post, my entry is not a “dungeon” and might not even get considered in the contest. But either way I’ve got good material that I’m excited to put to use.

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